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For Diagnostic Labs

For Diagnostic Labs

Do your customers really understand their report or they google and get more confused? Do they understand the next steps, what to eat, what to avoid? Is your data helping in targeted marketing to increase your customer loyalty and topline?

For Health Insurers

Can you predict and reduce claims from your portfolio? How can you increase your topline by improving claims ratio? How can you make your underwriting accurate and real time? How can you make your incentive programs more effective?

For Hospitals & Clinics

How can you increase patient engagement, footfalls and loyalty? What is the sureshot way to increase your hospital’s topline? Are you able to effectively service patients who need urgent interventions which they are not aware of?

For Corporates

Do you have a healthy, motivated workforce? Do your employees know exactly what they need to do to stay healthy? Are your employee wellness initiatives targeting right? Want to benchmark your employee wellness against your peers?

For Individuals

How well do you understand your health? Want to know your risks of chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, cardiovascular disease and how to avoid them? Would you like to have personalized Diet Dos and Donts and Exercise advice made just for you?

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Records analyzed




4/5 star Rating %


Net Promoter Score


Calculations per analysis


Decision Making Steps


Parameters Analyzed

Dive Deep To Explore Actionable Decisions

Focused Marketing to Improve Conversion Rates

Gain insights to upsell and cross-sell specific services to customers in need


Efficiently Drive Customer Engagement

Streamline follow-ups to engage your customers efficiently


Customise Your Marketing Campaigns

Data based marketing to increase footfalls and expand customer base

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