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How to boost immune system

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Rithika Rajgopal
Feb 20, 2024
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Do you have unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcoholism or lead an inactive lifestyle?? Then, you could be inviting a host of health problems for yourself by severely compromising your immune system.

Let me state a case in point here. In the preventive healthcare sector where I work, one of our patients in her early 30's was diagnosed with a fatal type of cervical cancer. The main cause of this was found to be her extremely low immunity. She is undergoing extensive treatment currently. The sad fact is that there are many others like her in our country.

Did you know?? It is estimated that the number of patients with Primary immunodeficiency disorders in India is likely to be more than one million. If you do not want to fall among this staggering figure which is ever-increasing and want to become aware of the ways by which you can protect and strengthen your immune system, then go through and follow these simple healthy lifestyle choices:

  • Firstly, you have to clean up your diet. Avoid unhealthy junk foods which can result in low immunity in most people.
  • Include healthy foods like fresh fruits and green vegetables along with nutritious snacks containing healthy fats to boost your immunity by regulating your blood sugar levels. Get plenty of exercise and meaningful physical activities on a regular basis.
  • Never skip meals as that can greatly reduce your calorie intake which can weaken your immunity.
  • Include foods containing generous quantities of vitamins and anti-oxidants like flavonoids in your diet such as broccoli and kale. Also consume a small amount of saturated fats like butter to effectively absorb each and every essential nutrient.
  • Include probiotic foods in your diet to strengthen your gut bacteria and consequently your immunity. Go for nutritious fermented foods or drinks such as yoghurt, pickles prepared at home etc and consume them daily.
  • Maintain a healthy and natural sleep cycle at all times. Limit the intake of stimulants like caffeine. Practice yoga, meditation or other breathing techniques and consult a certified medical professional to cure your sleep disorders.
  • Incorporate certain amino acids like glutamine which is found in protein-based foods in your diet for the effective functioning of your immune cells. Go for farm-bred chicken and if approved by your physician,then you can have additional amino acid supplements if you are a professional athlete.
  • Get adequate sunlight exposure everyday for a certain period of time and consume foods like liver, cod liver oil, eggs and salmon along with certain recommended vitamin supplements to avoid deficiency of essential vitamins like Vitamin D.
  • You can also go for certain natural remedies in the form of plants like Thieves Oil, Fire Ciders and natural  botanical hand-sanitizers to protect your immune systems from harmful bacteria etc.
  • Go for natural handwashes to protect yourself from harmful germs instead of artificial ones which have been known to contain harmful chemicals that have been suspected to cause fatal diseases like cancer.
  • Stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Drink enough water to wash away the toxic substances from your body and regulate your metabolic processes.
  • Also have green tea which has certain immunity boosting properties and keep your water intake in the right proportions, i.e. avoid drinking excess water.
  • Then reduce your sugar consumption as much as possible. Sugar in it's refined form can adversely affect your immunity so much so that it has even been compared to drugs and smoking!!
  • Go for other natural sweeteners such as honey instead of refined sugar. Always avoid artificial sweeteners as these are even more damaging than refined sugar itself!!
  • If you are experiencing any types of immunity problems, then try to eliminate sugary foods from your diet at least for some time as these can greatly harm your immune system.

Thus, if you have any serious lifestyle disorder or bad habits, then modify and change these immediately to save your immune system. Try to spread proper education and awareness about the benefits of healthy lifestyle practices and the importance of sound health as much as possible.

Don't let a weak immune system wreak havoc on your health and life!! Make all the correct  choices and get rid of all your immunity issues right now!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Image Source: Google Images.  

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