Health Vectors

Company Overview

What We Do

We are changing the way people and businesses look at personal health data. We are personalizing it.

Personalization leads to better health outcomes and in turn better business outcomes as well. We are championing this cause.

Our Story

Dr. Subhasish Sircar, our Founder, a Ph.D. in Material Science with an MBA from Wharton worked for over 20 yrs with organizations like NASA and Lockheed, holding over 20 patents. Life delivered him a jolt prompting him to start work in preventive healthcare when two of his friends, who seemed perfectly healthy, lost their lives soon after going through regular medical checkups. Thus was Health Vectors born, dedicated to making the world a healthier place – one individual at a time. We are a team of medical experts, data science and tech geeks, transforming personal health through predictive analytics.

Building a World Class Personal Health Analytics Engine

Our Personal Health Analytics Engine takes the past and present clinical data and personal health data, complete with lifestyle and family medical history. Then it unleashes the power of data science and predictive analytics to make error-free health recommendations validated by a team of medical experts. The engine is built on R and MEAN stack and generates insights through the use of machine learning & cognitive computing. The Platform harmoniously blends different entities to provide hyper-personalized risks and action plans for measurable health improvements.

How It Works

The engine takes in clinical (blood, urine, ECG, echo, and vitals) and personal health data through seamless, industry-standard, real-time integration. The engine can work with various forms of input data, each data point going through a robust validation process.

Built using data science and evidence-based medical science. The engine makes 60-70,000 calculations and over 10,000 decisions for every single analysis. After consolidating various facets it generates a hyper-personalized report with simple actionable steps within a few seconds.

The output is presented in an easy to understand and visual format for the end-user. All the outputs are in-line with standard medical references and guidelines and validated by Doctors.

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