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  • We Simplify Health Data 

    The vector image illustrates the personalized healthcare analytics solutions highlighting smart reports.
  • Empowering patients with simplified and insightful Smart Health Reports

    The vector image illustrates the personalized healthcare analytics solutions highlighting smart reports.
  • Grow Top Line With Our World Class Analytics Engine

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    The vector image illustrates the personalized healthcare analytics solutions highlighting smart reports.
  • Efficient Insurance Underwriting With Health CIBYL score

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    The vector image illustrates the personalized healthcare analytics solutions highlighting smart reports.
  • Diet Plan With A Difference 
    #Health Conditions Matter

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    The vector image illustrates the personalized healthcare analytics solutions highlighting smart reports.
  • Enable Employees To Live Healthy With Data Driven Analytics

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    The vector image illustrates the personalized healthcare analytics solutions highlighting smart reports.

Why Businesses Choose Health Vectors?

At Health Vectors, we constantly create personalized healthcare analytics solutions for individuals that are shared via diagnostic labs, hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. Forward-looking businesses that seek such health analytics solutions, have chosen to partner with Health Vectors and have significantly benefited by increasing topline and process efficiencies.

Typical Question that Organization Should Ask Themselves

The vector image illustrates Diagnostic Labs and Hospitals.
Diagnostic Labs and Hospitals
Do your customers really understand their report or do they go to google for help?
Do they understand the next steps to improve their health?
Is their data helping in targeted marketing to increase your customer loyalty and top line?
Does your organization have a methodical way to increase your top line from your patient's health insights?
The vector image illustrates Insurance Providers.
Insurance Providers
How can you make your underwriting efficient, accurate and real time?
Can you predict and reduce claims from your portfolio?
Can you reduce the number of lab tests and still make accurate underwriting decisions?
How can you increase your top line while improving your claims ratio?
The vector image illustrates Corporates.
Do you want an employee health dashboard and gain insights into the health of your employees?
Do you have an employee wellbeing report that propels a healthy and motivated workforce?
Do you want to minimize your employees’ sick leaves?
Do you want to tailor corporate wellness programmes that are based on the health insights of your employee pool?

Enabling the World to Live Healthy With Certainty

Our Products Solving Real Life Problems

We understand that health data is complex. And to help reduce the complexity of health data, we have curated products that help your customers and businesses make more informed health-related decisions. Here’s how we do it
A small icon for Smart Health Reports.
Smart Health Reports
We provide personalized, visually appealing, and medically accurate reports in an easy-to-understand language with deep insights to an individual’s health.
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A small icon for RevMaxx.
RevMaxx (Revenue Maximization) is a real-time data-driven solution for Hospitals & Diagnostic Labs that helps in mining hidden and new revenue channels that could positively affect their revenues
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A small icon for Health CIBYL.
Health CIBYL
It considers the past, present, and future health of the subject and determines the underwriting exposure of the insurance company through an innovative personal health score
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A small icon for Corporate Health Analytics.
Corporate Health Analytics
A company's performance depends on the good health of its employees. With healthy and motivated workers, we help organizations reach new heights with our insightful analytics, corporate dashboards & smart health reports.
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A small icon for DietVu.
A unique & automated diet planner that looks at meal plans based on clinical health conditions of an individual. The tailoring of meals based on specific health conditions along with region-based choices is the innovation that separates us from the rest.
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Innovation - The Core & DNA of Health Vectors

Building a Worldclass Health Analytics Engine

Innovation flows through our veins. Authentic science is at the heart of it. The science behind the creation of our health analytics engine is precise, enriched by the experience of doctors along with vast pools of knowledge from the healthcare domain.

Exclusively created by the experts at Health Vectors, our Health Analytics Engine efficiently simplifies complex health data, thereby making it easier for the end user to understand. Our Health Analytics Engine aids in the prediction and prevention of chronic diseases.

Our engine has analysed over a million cases and has been validated by over a hundred doctors globally.

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An excerpt from a Health Vectors Premium Report
Infographics illustrating heart health and age in years.
This individual's chances of getting a heart attack or a stoke is 32.8% (in the next 10  years )
However, with a few step by step interventions that risk can be reduced to 10.8%
Prediction & Prevention

We believe that the future of eradicating chronic diseases (for example Diabetes, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases) lies in predicting and preventing them even earlier. The entire world today requires a seismic paradigm shift in how we approach chronic diseases. We must transition from a culture of detection and containment to one that prioritises prediction and prevention.

One of our flagship product - HealthVu Premium Report (based on Vitals, Personal Health Questionnaire & Blood data) is a personalized patient health report that comprises NCD disease risk scores, risk reduction pathways, relevant parametric regressions, and targets.

Image showing the Data & Information Flow in HealthVector solution in white color.

How it works

Image showing the Data & Information Flow in HealthVector solution in white color.
Image showing the Data & Information Flow in HealthVector healthcare solution.Mobile version image showing the Data & Information Flow in HealthVector solution.
Image showing the Data & Information Flow in HealthVector solution in white color.

Blazing Fast Solutions

Image showing the Data & Information Flow in HealthVector solution in white color.
Parameters Analyzed 
Calculations per
Decisions per
Rules Embedded In 
Analytics Engine
Seconds Per

Innovations Embedded in our Primary Products

Innovation is integral to our approach, anchored by authentic science. Our health analytics engine is built on precise scientific principles, drawing from the experience of doctors and extensive domain knowledge.

We Are Growing Continuously

Not only in India, we now have presence in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and in the UK
Smart Health Reports sold
Subjects Analyzed
Continents in which HV products are being consumed
Vector image illustrating the growth of HealthVector.

Our Key Differentiators

While the HV Analytics Engine is our key differentiator and our focus is Preventive and Holistic health (not just on single parameters), we feel that our differentiators can be better understood by considering the following broad outlines: Perspective, Approach, Consolidation, Integration, Science.
Everybody's Different, We Are Too
What Others Do
What We Do
The whole world is stuck in detect & contain paradigm and then take medication forever
Perspective icon.
We help you predict & prevent most chronic diseases even before symptoms appear
Look at current discrete medical data and make decisions to temporarily disable adverse effects
Approach icon.
Holistically analyze past, present and future arc of your clinical and personal health
Generic and disjointed advice from different health professionals thus a fragmented approach
Consolidation icon.
Harmoniously blending different entities to provide hyperpersonal advice and simple actionable steps
Disparate offline systems and standards leading to error-prone data acquisition and reporting
Integration, scale & adaptability
Integration, scale & adaptability icon.
Cloud-based analytics engine with built-in rigorous data validation leading to ubiquitous delivery
Subjective medical science that
renders recommendations limited by human comprehension boundaries

Science icon.
Fuse data science and medicine to provide multidimensional algorithmic solutions that assist health professionals make error-free recommendations

Trusted by the Trusted

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...and many more

Awards & Recognitions

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Winner of HOT 100 Race to Grace 2014. Presented by NetMagic. pdf
Logo of awards and accolades.

Winner of 6th Annual Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2015. pdf

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Invited panelist on “Technology as an Enabler for Healthcare”, a healthcare summit organised by TiE Mumbai on 8th April 2015.
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Winner of 2016 India Innovation Growth Programme, DST-GOI, FICCI, Stanford University, Lockheed Martin, IC2 Institute, IUSSTF. pdf
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Winner of 2016 TechEmerge Health, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Health 2.0. 
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2016 Winner of Best Startup in Digital Health, Awarded by TiE Mumbai.
Logo of HITLAB World Cup, India.
Winner of 2017 digital health competition at 2017 HITLAB Innovators Summit: India.
Logo of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards.

Winner of 2019 Emerge 50 award in healthcare category for NASSCOM. Pdf



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GenNext Innovation Hub in partnership with Microsoft Ventures. Selected among 265 companies.

9th NATHEALTH Arogya Bharat Summit 2023. Selected to showcase our innovations in the Startup & Innovation Hub. pdf


Recognition in PITCHFEST FOR HEALTHCARE START-UPS in Oct 2023 by CAHO pdf

Winner of HOT 100 Race to Grace 2014 icon.

FMW award for Disruptive Healthcare Connect Solutions at 57th FM & CRE Conference 2015 pdf

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i5 Starnet 2013 Appreciation for working with Mahindra Technology in building ICT Ecosystem of solutions for tomorrow's enterprises. pdf

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