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Increase your Lab/Hospital revenues methodically

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Product Benefits

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For Businesses
Engage patients better with real-time data insights
Use data insights to identify candidates for follow-up and additional tests
Use data insights to identify candidates for specialist visits, procedures and hospitalizations
Use data insights for targeted marketing
Understand health of your patient population and design your marketing campaign accordingly.

Product Details

RevMaxx Indices are real-time data-driven insights provided by Health Vectors to Diagnostic Labs & Hospitals that would aid them in positively affecting their future revenues and patient engagement.
RevMaxx Index is a combination of not only the possible revenues from the suggested tests but also the probability of the individual getting those tests done.
RevMaxx Index is created for each patient/subject and is a number between 0 and 100. A RevMaxx Index of 0 indicates a poor revenue potential and a RevMaxx Index of 100 indicates a high revenue potential.
These indices aid in positively affecting their future revenues and patient engagement. Each Lab/Hospital will have a RevMaxx score for each individual customer engaging with the Lab/Hospital.
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RevMaxx Index for an individual typically includes the following elements

A small icon for Follow up & Additional tests.
Revenue expected from the recommended Follow up & Additional tests
A small icon for doctor’s visits.
Revenue expected from doctor’s visits and various medical procedures
A small icon for  lab tests.
Did doctor recommend this Lab/Hospital to the subject?
A small icon for Star Ratings.
Star Ratings given by the subject to the Lab/Hospital
A small icon for Distance of the lab.
Distance of the lab from the subject’s home
A small icon for visits to the lab.
Frequency of subject’s visits to the Lab/Hospital

At the end of each visit a RevMaxx Index is generated for each individual which indicates their revenue potential during a future visit. This index also has a built-in probability for that future visit. Based on the RevMaxx Indices, hospitals and diagnostic labs can provide different incentives and promotions to increase their top line and bottom line.

For one of our lab customers for we were generating Smart Reports and suggesting follow up and additional tests for their subjects. We were also able to show future engagement and revenue growth channels (in 71 days) to the tune of 4.6 Cr INR ($570K USD) based on the follow-up and additional tests that were suggested by Health Vectors Analytics Engine for those subjects.

True Customer Insights

A Case Study
Insights from Smart Reports generated for Customer X From April 27 to July 6, 2023 (71 Days)

In a 71-day span, Customer X provided us data from H/C Packages, Panels & Parameters that were consumed by these customers. We created smart reports for these customers. Additionally, we were able to show the potential revenues that they could generate from the health insights (required follow up and additional tests) available in the data. The schematic below shows the breakdown of that potential revenue based on the data from H/C Packages, Panels & Parameters.

Incidentally, this (Smart Reports and Insights) costed Customer X approximately 4% of the potential revenue that they could have generated via the health insights that HV provided.

Image illustration of insights from Smart Reports generated for Customer X.Mobile version image illustration of insights from Smart Reports generated for Customer X.

About Health Vectors and Revmaxx

We at Health Vectors understand the necessity for hospitals and labs to grow their topline and bottom line without increasing their service prices. Hospitals and Diagnostic Labs typically operate under thin margins and as such using the RevMaxx Index provides a sure shot way to increase engagement and mine their existing clients.

Few salient and related points about Health Vectors:

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Pioneer in introducing Revmaxx Index to the world
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10+ years to build our World Class Analytics Engine that analyzes all data
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Working with top labs and hospitals to bring RevMaxx to market
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Latest tech to protect any privacy & confidentiality issues

What sets us apart from our competition

Innovation flows through our veins. Authentic science is at the heart of it. The science behind the creation of our health analytics engine is precise, enriched by the experience of doctors along with vast pools of knowledge from the healthcare domain. Exclusively created by the experts at Health Vectors, our Health Analytics Engine efficiently simplifies complex health data, thereby making it easier for the end user to understand and take charge of their health.

Our Health Analytics Engine also has predictive elements that aids in the prediction and prevention of chronic diseases. Our engine has analyzed over a million cases and has been validated by over a hundred doctors globally. Today, the engine looks at 300+ parameters simultaneously, makes 75K calculations & 10K+ decisions, before delivering a solution in a matter of seconds for each subject.

Our Differentiators

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HV Analytics Engine

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Combination of our Analytic Engine & Top Class Business Acumen

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Focused on Preventive & Holistic Health - not on Single Parameters

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Trusted by top Labs & Hospitals in India and abroad

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Passed the Test of Time – scrutinized by 150+ Doctors from Different Geographies

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Data-Driven Insights to Increase Customer loyalty

Cases Analyzed
Doctors Globally Endorsed