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Increase your underwriting efficiency with subject data

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Product Benefits

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De-risk your Life & Health underwriting with Health CIBYL, generated real-time
Tailor insurance premium using real-time data/health insights
Increase your bottom line with more efficient, accurate and bias-free policy issuance
Reduce claims by helping your customers manage health risks through prediction and prevention
Cross-sell and up-sell insurance products through data insight

Product Details

Health CIBYL (Continuous Improvement & Betterment of Your Lifestyle) is an AI-driven system for automating underwriting in life and health insurance
Utilizes heuristic models to comprehensively assess an individual's health
Generates a Health CIBYL score on a scale from 0 (poor) to 1000 (excellent)
The score reflects the influence of current, past, and future health of the individual
Mirrors a doctor's / underwriter's decision-making process in evaluating individual policy decisions
Precision of the system improves with the availability of more health data
Future plans include integrating incidental parameters (indicated below) for a more holistic assessment
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Three Pillars of Personal Health Data

Current Health
+ Past Health
Clinical Parameters
Personal Health Data
Current Med.Conditions
Past Med.Conditions
Future Health
Risk of Future Diseases
Current Focus on
CVD (Heart attack & Stroke)
Unplanned Hospitalizations
Demography & Location-Based Exposure
Social Media Scrubbing
Currently not incorporated in Health CIBYL model

Components of Health CIBYL

The process of generating the Health CIBYL involves the collection of the following data and then applying the HV Proprietary algorithms to develop the score:

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Icon for Vitals / Physicals.
Vitals / Physicals
Icon for Clinical Health Data.
Clinical Health Data (Medical Examination Report (MER))
Icon for Personal Health Data.
Personal Health Data (Proposal Form)
Icon for Health Afflictions.
Health Afflictions (Actuarial data) Years Life Lost & Death Rate

Health data that we collect over time are not just a bunch of disconnected numbers anymore. It has subtle interconnections and insights which speak a story about the overall health of an individual.

We have set out on a journey to explain this story which will help individuals take actions to improve their Health CIBYL score and enhance insurability.

Process Flow

The process flow of HealthCIBYL.The mobile version process flow of HealthCIBYL.

Insurers can provide data on CVS/Excel format or via API handshake

Extreme control and care in privacy and confidentiality of personal information

Health CIBYL can be fed directly into the underwriting logic for various possible flows of go/ no-go decisions

About Health Vectors and Health CIBYL

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Pioneer in introducing Health CIBYL score to the world
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10+ years to build our World Class Analytics Engine that analyzes all data
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Working with Top insurance companies to bring Health CIBYL to market
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Latest tech to protect any privacy & confidentiality issues
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Removes personal bias and errors in underwriting decisions
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Dramatically improves process efficiencies and time for underwriting decisions

Why are we Different?

Innovation flows through our veins. Authentic science is at the heart of it. The science behind the creation of our health analytics engine is precise, enriched by the experience of doctors along with vast pools of knowledge from the healthcare domain. Exclusively created by the experts at Health Vectors, our Health Analytics Engine efficiently simplifies complex health data, thereby making it easier for the end user to understand and take charge of their health.

Our Health Analytics Engine also has predictive elements that aids in the prediction and prevention of chronic diseases. Our engine has analyzed over a million cases and has been validated by over a hundred doctors globally.

Parameters Analyzed 
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Our Differentiators

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HV Analytics Engine – fast, efficient, accurate, and unbiased
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Data-Driven Insights to Increase Customer Engagement
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Hundreds of health parameters analyzed before generating a score
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Single score to define issuance or rejection of policies across organizations

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