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Smart Health Reports

We convert diagnostic lab reports into engaging smart health reports

Product Benefits

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For Businesses
Simplifying complex health data to enhance customer delight
Enhance brand value and loyalty
Increase customer engagement through data driven insights
Use data insights for targeted marketing and top line growth
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For End User
Medically accurate, visually engaging
Deep insights into an individual’s health
Guidance about next steps to manage future health risks
Not just some numbers, we create health stories with those numbers
Creating Complete Health Stories

Blood test results are more than mere numbers—they reveal interconnected insights about an individual's health story. Our mission is to decode this narrative, empowering individuals to take proactive steps that mitigate future risks and enhance their current well-being.

Through our AI-driven expert system, Health Vectors simplifies personal health data, unraveling individuals' health stories in easy-to-understand terms, demystifying medical jargon.

In essence, Health Vectors empowers individuals to manage their health. This intelligent, continually learning engine is validated by seasoned doctors with over 150 years of combined experience.

To gain deeper insights, we analyze extra clinical and personal health data (when available) to forecast future risks of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

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HV Smart Report Features

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Color-coded like traffic signals – easy health visualization
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Medically accurate, insightful reports in an easy-to-understand language
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Risk of future chronic disease with risk reduction pathways
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Personalized diet advice – tells you what to eat and what to avoid
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Personalized guidance/next steps for your entire health – not based on individual parameters
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Reports available in multiple languages in India and abroad
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No need to Google to understand the report

Different Types of Smart Reports

What is not a Smart Report

Image of an ordinary report.Mobile view image of an ordinary report.

Generic guidance leads to apathy,
Personalization leads to deep engagement,
Deeper engagement leads to enhanced revenue realization.

About Health Vectors and HV Smart Reports

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Pioneer in introducing Smart Health Reports to the world
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10+ years to build our World Class Analytics Engine that analyzes all data
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Sold more than 1.6 Million Smart Reports to customers in India & abroad
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150+ doctors globally have validated our Smart Reports
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Latest tech to protect any privacy & confidentiality issues
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Sole partners for Smart Reports for 75+ leading institutions in India and abroad.

Our Differentiators

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HV Analytics Engine
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Data-Driven Insights to Increase Customer loyalty
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Focused on Preventive & Holistic Health - not on Single Parameters

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Trusted by top institutions in India and abroad
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Combination of our Analytic Engine & Top Class UI/UX Design

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Best in Class After-Sales Service – built in automation from learnings

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Passed the Test of Time – scrutinized by 100+ Doctors from Different Geographies

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Easy to understand language, content & representation – best in class

How We are Solving the Problem

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Innovation flows through our veins. Authentic science is at the heart of it. The science behind the creation of our health analytics engine is precise, enriched by the experience of doctors along with vast pools of knowledge from the healthcare domain. Exclusively created by the experts at Health Vectors, our Health Analytics Engine efficiently simplifies complex health data, thereby making it easier for the end user to understand and take charge of their health.

Our Health Analytics Engine also has predictive elements that aid in the prediction and prevention of chronic diseases. Our engine has analyzed over a million cases and has been validated by over a hundred doctors globally.

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