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Vector image of Human internal organ with kidney illustration
What are those tests which measure your kidneys' health?
Rithika Rajgopal
Feb 21, 2024
3 minutes
Our kidneys are remarkable organs, acting as the body's natural filtration system, eliminating waste and excess fluids to maintain balance. Keeping our kidneys healthy is essential for overall well-being. Regular kidney health check-ups through basic tests can help detect potential issues early on. In this blog post, we'll explore some fundamental tests that healthcare professionals […]
The New Era of AI in Hospitals and Healthcare
Arindam Chatterjee
Feb 09, 2024
5 minutes
In recent times the relatively new phenomenon of artificial intelligence has changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. This new technology has been making huge inroads globally across hospitals and healthcare units and the maximum benefits from this are being reaped by the patients and the medical personnel as the quality of healthcare has vastly […]
What is genetically modified food (GMO), Is it safe?
Arindam Chatterjee
Feb 01, 2024
7 minutes
The recent technological advancements have encompassed all fields including food and nutrition. In this regard, the 21st century has witnessed developments which were unthinkable and unheard of earlier.One such incredible scientific invention in the field of nutrition has been GMO which stands for genetically modified food. But the question arises whether the consumption of this […]
How well do you understand your blood test report?
Ashwini Bhat
Mar 29, 2019
3 minutes
Remember that popular visual from the movie Matrix – a black computer screen with green characters trickling down in streams, which looked cool, remote, enigmatic and became the ultimate symbol of sci-fi? That's exactly how I feel reading my blood test report with stuff like SGOT, SGPT, HS-CRP etc. What do they even mean? Does bold […]
How Can Hospitals Increase Their Top-line Without Charging Patients High?
Subhasish Sircar
Jan 09, 2018
1 minute
Hospitals often grapple with the constant pressure to boost financial performance without a clear, long-term strategy for patient engagement and trust. Despite living in a data-driven era, many healthcare institutions rely on traditional decision-making approaches, leading to ad hoc decisions. Data analytics and metrics are not integral to their growth strategy. Patients frequent hospitals for […]
The top view of the gear inside a car.
Managing the Trajectory of Current to Future Health
Subhasish Sircar
Jul 01, 2017
3 minutes
Publications of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) up to 2015 indicated that there are ~25 countries that have almost 100% health insurance cover for their populace. In the United States, this number is close to 85%. India is languishing at a paltry 17-20% number. Of these, in most cases where we have 100% cover, government/social […]