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Get pumped up about Heart Health by Dash Diet!!
Rithika Rajgopal
Nov 20, 2019
4 minutes
High blood pressure is affecting millions of people in India and this number is on an alarming rise. An article published in the “Journal of human hypertension” (1) in Sept 2018 reports that 207 million persons (men 112 million, women 95 million) have hypertension in India and Indian states with greater urbanization, human development and […]
Yoga- for fitness as well as keeping diseases at bay! Asanas for diabetes, hypertension
Ashwini Bhat
Jun 20, 2019
4 minutes
We have the Yoga Day coming up this Friday on 21st June 2019.  On this occasion, I wanted to share with you what I personally found great about this gentle form of exercise which builds you slow and steady from within. I once signed up for a climb of Mt.Kilimanjaro (it is a high altitude […]
Salt- How much is too much (Let's compare Rock salt vs sea salt vs table salt)
Ashwini Bhat
Apr 12, 2019
3 minutes
GABBAR - Tera kya hoga re, Kaliya? KALIYA - Maine to apka namak khaya hai, Sarkar.. GABBAR – Ab.. goli kha... Well, I didn’t really think Gabbar had his medical knowledge so sorted before I heard these dialogues. But he got it right! zyada namak khane se, goli bhi khana padega! Why do we need […]
Why Knowing Your Family Medical History Is Important
Ashwini Bhat
Mar 26, 2019
2 minutes
Image Source The famous HBO series Game Of Thrones is in the news again and not so happy one this time. Emilia Clarke who played the role of young princess Daenerys recently shared about her life-threatening brain condition and her personal account of what she had to endure at the age of 24. While there are many […]